Notting Hill: Introduction

So you’ve heard about this pretty little area in London called Notting Hill?

It attracts loads of tourists and Londoners alike with its pretty little houses, huge antique market on Portobello road and extremely romantic atmosphere – the one you experience watching British romance dramas…


It is true that this area owes its fame partially to Roger Michell’s film called Notting Hill, starring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts. Being very run down for the most of the 20th Century, Notting Hill today is a trendy area with loads of coffee shops and cute doorways, so popular amongst instagrammers and bloggers across London.


There is truly something magical about this area, something that makes you want to visit it over and over again, wander through the quiet streets looking for hidden mews, alleys and little cafés located all over the districts.

In my next posts I will take you through Notting Hill’s best breakfast, lunch and dinner spots, as well as take you on a tour across the area’s most wonderful sights and streets, including Portobello road market and hidden colorful sights you will find as you step out from the main antique market street.


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