Netflix: This week’s favourite

Lets talk about Netflix, shall we? 

How many times have you binged on the new series? Or even better, how many times have you binged on that show that came out years ago, but you still want to rewatch all episodes over and over again? Well, I do that. A lot.

So, having binged on quite a few Netflix shows, I want to write about my current favourites that got me hooked big time recently. I will write about one favourite per week for the time being. 🙂


GILMORE GIRLS: A YEAR IN LIFE + Season 1-7 of original series.

Yay to the reunion!!!

You haven’t seen Gilmore Girls? Really? What have you been doing with your life, huh?! No, but really, you gotta watch Gilmore Girls!

Actually, I was pretty sceptical about watching Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7. I started watching the series in December, and by the end of January I was done with the entire series as well as the new reunion episodes released by Netflix… Really, what is there not to love?

If you don’t know the plot, it’s about Lorelai Gilmore, a 30-something years old woman, Rory Gilmore, the 16 years old daughter of Lorelai, their family, the town they live in, relationships, success, failures and their huuuuge love for coffee. I mean the last point is VERY important. It’s a very easy watch. Funny, witty, emotional. During the whole course of the series you get very attached to the characters, and get emotionally involved in their lives as if it’s your own.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life is divided into four 90 minute long episodes. The series start with Winter and end with Autumn. Ten years later all characters are still experiencing real life issues and are facing obstacles that feel like a very natural progression to the previous series. I was very satisfied with the reunion, as it showed a very natural progression of the character development. I must say that the development is very relatable and realistic. To some extent the new series had a very sad vibe about them, but very hopeful anyhow. It ended on a strange note, and if you’ve seen the reunion you will know what I mean. It feels like the creators of the series may have left some room for another reunion, as the Autumn episode ended on a cliffhanger.

Anyhow, I really recommend watching Gilmore Girls seasons 1-7 + the reunion episodes, and I DARE you not to get hooked! 😀 Even if you’ve seen Gilmore Girls before, you should rewatch it again! It’s that good. 😉




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