Holborn Grind

It’s about time I write about one of my all time favourite coffee shops in London.



Guys, have you been to Grind coffee shops? Not necessarily even Holborn Grind, as they have locations all over London – in Soho, Shoreditch, Covent Garden, Royal Exchange, – you name it. Any of these areas I go to, I definitely know that I will get that necessary caffeine hit with Grind around.

One of the reasons this is my go-to coffee bar is due to its late opening hours. I am a late coffee drinker and caffeine never affects me in a funny way. A creamy hot flat white is my favourite comfort drink, which is available until the late evening in Holborn. 16122802_453670944756551_5697118399809716224_n

Holborn Grind is a perfect location to meet up with friends for a boozy or non-alcoholic weekday evening, enjoy good music, sleek decorations and great coffee in the heart of London!



Did I mention their avocado toast with smoked salmon? Now I did. It for sure is a must!


Tell me about your favourite coffee spot in London!



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