I had a pleasure visiting one of the most beautiful viewing platforms in London. Sky Garden is located in a large glass dome on 20 Fenchurch Street in London, in a heart of the trendiest City of London.


Reasons why you should visit Sky Garden:

№ 1: You’ve probably seen this unique tall glass building from the south bank of London, walking down the Thames river to the eastern side. This 38 storey building is the fifth tallest completed building in the City of London!  When you exit the lift that takes you to the top of the building, you enter a gorgeous garden enveloped by the tallest window ceiling and beams of natural light coming through (great for taking beautiful pictures!). The architecture and design itself is very intricate and breathtaking!


№ 2: A garden in the sky which comprises a variety of Mediterranean and South African plant species. The garden flourishes all year round. The combination of the beautiful garden and the intricate window patterns offers a truly unique experience.


№ 3: The viewing platform offers a 360 degree view on most of London’s best landmarks, and it is a breathtakingly gorgeous sight. I personally love looking at this city from above. There is something special and surreal about seeing the city landscape suddenly turn so small. Get outside on the open air terrace and enjoy the wonderful experience, take photos and lose yourself deep in your thoughts. This experience is one to remember.



№ 4: Delicious coffee and cake to enjoy with the view. They make a pretty good coffee at the Sky Pod bar. Jam filled doughnuts and coffee and walnut cake are my personal favourites! For a boozy afternoon, try one of their delicious cocktails.


№ 5: All of the above wasn’t enough? Well, what if I said that the visit is completely free? I booked my free visit three weeks in advance, and believe me! You don’t want to miss this opportunity. You have to be quick because the tickets sell out very fast!

I hope I convinced you to book your tickets and visit this beautiful garden in the sky! 🙂




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