How to get ideas for your blog

Seriously, how?


So I plan my day in the morning. I create a “To do” list, which I more or less stick to throughout the day, adding countless times I reach out for my phone to scroll through Instagram (yeah, it has become my addiction by now). And then as I follow my list, I come closer to that one entry “Write a blog post”. And there it goes.

I open my blog and click on that “write” button on the right top corner of the screen. I stare at the blank page. I stare at it for a bit longer. Then I reach out to my phone “looking for inspiration”. I get too immersed in Instagram, I reply to comments and comment on other people’s posts. I check emails. I scroll through Facebook, disgusted by all political and dumb news shared on my news feed.

I go back to my blog. No inspiration. I might even google: “how to get inspired”. Aaaah I’ve already done that soooo many times, but I have to finally take action!

Okay. So I’ve decided what I will write about. And then I start writing. My wording seems lame. Really, english isn’t my first language, and after living for almost 6 years in the UK I’m still super conscious about it. So I erase everything and start again.

Then I decide that I can’t be perfect, so let me be just me. I start all over again and write that imperfect post. And then realise that I don’t have any images. So I save the draft and tell myself to take photos in the evening. The draft remains saved for the next few weeks, shamelessly.

Then I finally publish it. But statistics say that no one really reads it. Anyone? Is there anyone out there who reads the thoughts coming through my head? Somebody?

Oh well.

So anyway. How to get ideas for your blog?

Ideas and inspiration isn’t something you can switch on and off. This is something that comes and goes, and you never know when it’s gonna come upon you.

But you can nourish your creativity.


By going out to museums and events.

By taking a walk in a beautiful park during a sunny spring day.

Take a detour on your way to work. 

Walk instead of taking a bus. 

Stop to smell the flowers. 

Smile to a stranger. 

Say good morning to the bus driver (it is if you decided to take a bus instead of walking). 

Strike a conversation with a barista who’s making your morning coffee. 

Go out to a breakfast date early in the morning before heading to work. 

Go out for a 30 minute walk in the evening alone or with a friend/ loved one. It’s important that you leave your phone at home. Just spend time with your thoughts or talk it out to someone. The ideas will come naturally.

Watch a documentary instead of Gilmore Girls on Netflix. 

Prepare a home cooked meal by following a new recipe. 

Meditate for at least 5 minutes. Get all thoughts out of your head before letting the new ones in. 

Doodle. Sing. Dance. Move your furniture around. Rearrange your shelves. 

Read a book by an unknown (to you) author. 

… I wish I did all of the above on a daily basis. Whenever I feel uninspired, I try to do at least something from the above list. I can tell you for sure, that going out for a 30 minute walk in the evening has been the most effective one of all.

Do you ever have a creative hiatus? How do you nourish your creativity? I would love to know!


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