Watch this if you want to see some snow this winter! (Technically it’s spring already, but it’s as cold as winter…)

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During my workation in Latvia in December, I had a pleasure collaborating with the wonderful ESPA Riga, a luxury international Spa centre in the heart of Latvian capital. From the beautiful 19th Century Art Nouveau building it’s located in, to the relaxing treatments by amazing professionals, this Spa centre comprises the best of what you’d get from your visit.

Take a look at the video I filmed for them! ❤

And this is the amazing Art Nouveau building it’s located in:


Paris, Mon Amour

I was lucky enough to visit Paris three times last year, and I must say, I still have dreams about going to the City of Love regardless of how many times I’ve been there.

I had a four day workation in Paris in summer 2016, and I filmed a little video during my stay. I went to my favourite part of the city – the Montmartre. I would really argue that this part of the city is the most beautiful, most romantic and magical of all. And so it happened to rain that day as well, just as it happened the first time I’ve ever been to this beautiful city.

Enjoy watching this video full of my memories! (And don’t forget to hit that HD button!) 🙂


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One thing you may not know about me is that I make videos. Videos for brands, events and personal use; for people and companies I like. As well as that, I make travel vlogs and occasionally release them on YouTube.

I’m not that big into this whole YouTube thing yet, and I find it insanely awkward speaking to the camera. So you’ll hear me complain about that.

I thought I may publish some of my videos here, the ones I collaborated on with companies, and the ones I make for my own entertainment.

I hope you enjoy watching my videos as much as I enjoy creating them! 🙂